Quit smoking aroma therapy

Quit smoking aroma therapy with Aroma Works Smokeless

Aromatherapy, the inhaling of essential oils to heal our bodies and influence emotions, dates back thousands of years.

quit smoking aroma therapyAromatic oils were used by the royal families of ancient Egypt. Today, science is confirming what some cultures have known for centuries: scent can arouse feelings, suppress urges and even provide curative benefit to help quit smoking; aroma therapy.

Simply by inhaling, you send scent molecules into your system where they entirely bypass the brain-blood barrier and move directly to you brain's olfactory nerve. There they are received by the limbic system, your body's control center for emotions, memory, stress response, metabolic function and sexual arousal. A holistic way to quit smoking; aroma therapy.

Aroma Works Smokeless blends bergamot (to promote inner balance and confidence) with frankincense (one of nature's strongest purifiers). This anti-inflammatory soothes the sinus pain and headaches that often accompany those first smoke-free days. Two quick sniffs will boost your willpower to help you quit smoking; aroma therapy. Use as often as needed.

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