Paula Abdul Workout Video 
Cardio Dance

Paula Abdul Workout Video 
Cardio Dance -
This tape really gets your heart rate going, and she's excellent company to sweat with. In the beginning, the dance moves may seem a bit complex but they are easily mastered and really give you a work out. 

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The workout warm-up is fast and it works. Then the Paula Abdul workout video gets you quickly into the dancing. These are some real funky moves! She takes it slow, and after a few times you'll get it. 

The teaching style is very dancy - no building up - you are taken right into it and stop between sections. There are "supportive" slides that pop up between steps and interrupt the exercise session - you need to be very disciplined and keep stepping in order to get real benefit. One last thing - there is very little queing here - so it may take some time until you learn what comes when and stop being surprised.

After the dancing routine, she leads some great toning and stretching movements. The Paula Abdul workout video gets your legs and thighs burning, and the stretching feels fantastic for your back and legs. If you consider yourself a beginner try Paula's first tape "Get Up&Dance". Otherwise pick this tape (or DVD!) and get to it. Learn more about this video

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