Creating Heaven Through Your Plate
A Wholistic Eating & Self-Healing Guide

by Shelley Summers
recommended by doctors

Shelley Summers, health counselor, has helped thousands participate in the miraculous healing powers within their own bodies.

An engaging look at body/mind/spiritual health, Creating Heaven Through Your Plate shares insights and diet recipe plans Ms. Summers has developed to bring a remarkable benefit in restoring health from many common diseases and bring natural weight loss. 

Creating Heaven Through Your Plate by Shelley SummersCreating Heaven Through Your Plate describes an eating program which helps the body to heal itself. Creating Heaven Through Your Plate also gives you exercises, resources, charts, and 130 recipes. Having helped people take charge of their health without drugs or medicines, Ms. Summers' book is an eye-opening work of hope and encouragement with a workable formula for greater influence in creating the optimal health we value and deserve.

An essential health resource for everyone in the family, Creating Heaven Through Your Plate gives you techniques to: 

* Get more energy and vitality quickly
* Stop addictive habits easily
* Easy weight loss diet
* Stop headaches within seconds
* Learn which foods cause you allergic reactions
* Discover which supplements you really need and how much
* Find relief from: Hay Fever, Arthritis, Backaches, Candida - Epstein-Barr Virus - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Colds and Flus, PMS, Hypoglycemia, Insomnia, Mercury Poisoning, Stomach Problems, and many other diseases.


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ISBN: 0962992356, 8.5"x11", softcover, 242 pages, illustrated, indexed

What others are saying...

"I have seen marvelous changes in those who have followed her dietary recommendations."
Marcy Goldstein, M.D.

"She facilitated for me, a clarifying growth process that goes far beyond being well, but rather touches upon my evolutionary potential for radiant health."
Deborah Malka, M.D.

"I've tried numerous alterations to improve my health and happiness and this is the only one that really worked. It's a great book. Shelley provides a fun and sensible approach. This is a fantastic healing tool!"  -- Karen Clancy

Janie Quinn has written  Essential Eating Cookbook, the companion cookbook of recipes to Creating Heaven Through Your Plate